Welcome to our international area of our website. bunkervan

Actually we are working to offer a complete website in other languages, something that we expect to have ready soon. best replica watches website

Since our vehicles are manufactured under European Homologation, we can sell to all countries under the European Union (or countries that accept the European Homologation as import “passport” for a brand new vehicle). 

We are actually building up the European distribution network, but it will take long time, so, in the meantime, if you are interested in our vehicles, we can sell you directly as we are doing since late 2020). We will provide you the vehicle with a COC (Certificate Of Conformity) that is the documentation that you will need for registering your BunkerVan Camper in your country having the registration plate as every normal vehicle there.

The vehicle will be covered by the local service network of FIAT or PEUGEOT in your country and the same applies for the heating system, refrigerator, WC,.. etc, that all have well covered service networks since we use only first class RV accessories and systems (as Webasto, Dometic, etc)

Our sales department can provide you a Commercial Offer according to your preferences in terms of the van itself (Fiat or Peugeot), engine, optional accessories,… and of course in terms of our model (size, colors and optional equipment). You must remember that the price doesn´t include transportation to your country, local taxes or registration paperwork (price is net “ex-works” Madrid).

In case you want to contact our sales team:

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